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Developing effective leaders
working for the common good
Our vision: Albany is a diverse community, full of leaders all working together
to address issues that enables the community to be the Good Life City for everyone.
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Upcoming Events

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"Whether you are new to Albany or have been here a while, Leadership Albany will give you a new perspective on the community. The process will provide you with avenues to be more involved and to be a better leader. It is up to you to be aware of what is important and take action accordingly. A very worthwhile adventure! "
      ~Wayne Yesbick - CPA, Draffin and Tucker and LA '01

Who Benefits?


benefit by developing new

relationships while gaining

knowledge of the community and

leadership skills that will enhance

their personal effectiveness in the

community and work place



benefit from the employee's increased knowledge, improved leadership and communication skills, stronger problem-solvling abilities, and access to decision-makers and community resources.


Non-Profit Organizations

benefit by gaining access to trained, effective leaders with an understanding of the importance of volunteerism.



benefits through the development of a large pool of knowledgeable potential leaders, who are motivated and equipped to serve the community of Albany.

"A strong community requires talented leaders that are invested in and knowledgeable of the issues facing the community they wish to serve. Leadership Albany masterfully balances leadership development and community awareness. It is important to not only develop practical business skills, but we must also anchor those skills to this locality. Leadership Albany's program encourages a sense of connection and commitment to the Albany area. As I reflect back on my Leadership Albany class year, while I appreciated the knowledge earned and the relationships developed, the greatest asset so far has been to my sense of community awareness and connection."
      ~Victoria S. Darrisaw - Judge, Dougherty County State Court and LA '09

Leadership Albany, Inc.       Contact: Mary Ligon     229-435-4466