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FranklinCovey On Demand Courses

Leadership Albany, Inc. has partnered with Franklin Covey, a global company specializing in performance improvement, to enhance its Professional Development Program by adding Franklin Covey On Demand courses.

Once purchased, these courses are available 
for you to complete online at your convenience 
until the expiration date. 


Leading with The 3rd Alternative

Learn to apply the revolutionary 3rd Alternative approach to conflict resolution, decision making, innovation, and problem solving.

The four one hour on demand courses in this 3rd Alternative series of Excelerators include:

Conflict Resolution - Learn how to generate a 3rd alternative mindset and see beyond the two sides to abundant solutions. You will also learn how to view conflicts as invitations to “change the game” and go on to create a better, more promising future than anything you’ve envisioned.
 - Defuse conflict almost instantly
 - Strengthen relationships - even when threatened by deep differences
 - Discover 4 paradigms that lead to win-win results in any conflict situation

Decision Making - Learn how to apply the revolutionary 3rd Alternative approach to decision making which goes far beyond traditional risk- benefit analysis. You will learn to leverage the power of human synergy to make robust, creative decisions faster and more efficiently. 
 - Practice 4 steps for making robust decisions
 - Capitalize on divergent thinking to reduce uncertainty
 - Use empathy as the unexpected key to decision making

Innovation - Learn how 3rd Alternative thinking is the one disruptive thing that separates imitators from real innovators - the ones who create the future.  You will learn to:
 - Apply the revolutionary discipline and creative power of 3rd Alternative teams
 - Find the "edge zones", the hot spots of innovative thinking
 - Practice rapid prototyping and countertyping to leverage the rich thinking of your team

Problem Solving - Learn to apply the 3rd Alternative process that does just that. Because it is based in universal principles of human synergy, you can apply the 3rd Alternative approach to relationship problems or work problems—any kind of challenge.
 - Get deep and thorough understanding of the roots as well as the symptoms of the problem
 - Discover how empathetic relationship building is key to problem solving
 - Go for the surprising solution that transcends the usual answers

As with other on demand courses there are extra Insight resources to reinforce and refresh concepts learned in the Excelerator courses.

Pricing:  $149 per person - LA alumni member, nonmembers and public
These on demand courses available through Leadership Albany from July 1 - July 31, 2017.  Number of users is limited.
Contact Mary via or 229-435-4466 to purchase.

Leading Yourself - Personal Effectiveness Pass

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Increasing Personal Effectiveness
The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity - Mastering Time Management for the 21st Century
Introduction to Project Management Essentials - Completing Projects with Quality Results

Access to the courses in this series expires May 31, 2017.  Number of users is limited

Pricing per person:
LA alumni members: $274
LA alumni non-members and public:  $299
Corporate and Group Pricing for 3+ available.  

Contact Mary via or 229-435-4466 for quotes or to purchase.
Click here for flyer with additional details on courses.

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